Department of Motor Vehicles Requirements

The Department of Motor Vehicles now requires a valid passport, passport card or an original birth certificate containing a seal as identification for all transactions including updates, renewals, upgrades, changes, or endorsements to your license. Your current photo ID and/or Driver's License will no longer be accepted as proof of identity. 

Failure to provide a passport and/or original birth certificate indentification will result in rejection of any of the above-mentioned Department of Motor Vehicle transactions. 

TWU Local 252 Hero Saves Woman From Burning Bus!

Transport Workers Union Local 252 would like to acknowledge the incredible heroism of Jean Jeune, a paratransit driver for NICE Bus, who put his own life at risk to save his wheelchair bound passenger and her aide after the engine of his bus burst into flames!  The fire disabled the wheelchair lift and Brother Jeune lifted Cindy Marsh out of her wheelchair and carried her off the bus to safety!  We are so very proud of Brother Jeune and commend him for his quick thinking and selfless action!


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