252 Organizing East End Bus

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Over the last five months TWU Local 252 campaigned to organize drivers, driver assistants and maintenance personnel at East End Bus in Medford.  During the month of February, many of our brothers and sisters spent long hours in the bitter cold, rain and snow providing East End Bus employees with information and literature on the benefits of becoming a TWU Local 252 member.
Although we did not win the election, we are proud of our hard-working dedicated organizing team, led by John Olivera and Linda Moller, who so tirelessly gave their all for this effort!  A special thank you goes out to the members of Locals 225, 501 and 507 for coming out to support us and to our International officers for providing our Union's bus!  Thank you Sally Rauss, Mike Cobb, Terry Hind, Victor Agosto, Brian O'Sullivan, James Mobley, Josephine Bragoli, Jay Brucaleri, Cindy Tropeano, Tom Callagy, Luis Mercado, Vanessa Leftenant and Rayif Uyanik and to all our brothers and sisters at Local 252 who came out between their runs to support our effort!
As of this date, there is no decision on whether or not East End Bus workers will have a union at all, but we wish them the very best whatever the outcome!
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