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TWU 252 understands the importance of being politically active. Our Council’s involvement in Legislative Issues and our members TWU 252 Local Union Political Action Committees are vital if we intend to succeed in our constant battle for the good paying jobs and safe working conditions that our members deserve. When our members participate in Labor Walks, lobby days or simply gather together at town hall meetings and at the NYS Capital, we create the foundation along with strong relationships that are essential in lobbying for important legislation that benefits all utility workers.

This type of involvement not only helps TWU 252 union membership, but all other unions and non-union working people alike. When seeking the support of key Political figures, we must first show that we are familiar with the issues in order for them to take serious action. Elected officials often witness TWU 252 members mobilizing in great numbers in support of new legislation or candidate support. The political community instantly recognizes how valuable we are in the political process. When we lobby for laws to protect working people, elected officials are often reminded of the impact that was demonstrated through our Political efforts. They know that when we care about an issue or a cause, we commit our full support wherever and whenever necessary.

To get involved with the TWU 252 or your local unions Political Action Committee, or to find out how you can help your union gain a voice in local, state and federal legislation, contact your unit president or attend a Remember, when it comes to politics, all politics are local!